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Sitemap Writer 2.0

Sitemap Writer is a handy tool that helps to edit XML sitemaps for websites
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Sitemap Writer is a light version of Sitemap Writer Pro. This is a handy tool that helps you to create and edit sitemaps for your websites. Sitemap Writer is an XML editor for sitemap files

Features and Benefits:

1) Easy to use - just enter your URLs (you don't even need to know the XML syntax);
2) Full conformity of generated XML file with the sitemap protocol (tested for Google, Yahoo!, and;
3) Generated sitemaps version 0.90;
4) HTML site map export;
5) Import and export URL list (in *.txt format);
6) Merging different sitemaps;
7) Auto checking of duplicate URLs;
8) URL parameters changing with right click (fast edit);
9) URL copy, paste and duplicate;
10) URL Find/Replace;
11) Search engines notification (submit sitemap directly to Google, Yahoo!, & MSN (

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